Know the Easiest Way to Connect Your Internet Cable to Wireless Router

If you are using more than one computer or laptop along with the other electronic devices like video game system an electronic reader or smart phone that could connect to the internet then you really in need of a wireless network. With the wireless connection you will beable to share your internet connection with the multiple devices in any corner of your home.

To setup a wireless connection you need a router that can be purchased from any of the electronic shop. Wireless setup connection is too easy and can be done in a very few minutes.

If you are setting wireless connection first time then it may be that you could facemany trouble so it will be best for you to take the help of the technical phone support for router with their router technical experts or you can also follow the procedure show here in this article.

  1. First of all turn off all the router equipments and then unplug all the cords that are connected at the back of the router or modem devices. Now when you want to use some other devices like PC or gaming then you can power all those as down well.
  2. Now take the one end of the Ethernet cord and plug at the back of the modem. Here you need to be sure that the cord is properly secure in the jack. This cord is just similar to the telephonic cord that verifies you with a sound if it is plugged correctly.
  3. Now you need to plug the other end of the cord of an Ethernet to your wireless router. It is very much important to choose the perfect spot to make ensure that your router function properly. Though some routers have different ports due to which users get the error. In this situation you can have the router technical phone support so that you could not made any error. Here you need to keep in mind that this cord can't be connected to the port which is shown with a number word name and a number like LAN 1 or LAN 2. The used port of an Ethernet is marked as WAN or an internet.
  4. Now plug all the required cables at the back of the modem and then turned it on. Now wait for the few seconds and let all the router flash lights gets on. If this happens then it signifies that your router started working.
  5. Now at the last plug the power in to your wireless router. This way you have completed your wireless router connection with your cable internet. If you find any kind of trouble while going through these processes then you can call on the router technical phone number and could have perfect and accurate help and suggestion.