NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Router Into the Bridge Mode

I bought a new model of Netgear router some days back. So i want to configure my old netgear n-300 router in bridge mode to increase the signal strength and range of connectivity. can anyone give suggestions

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Netgear N300 Bridge Mode:

A wireless router is usually set in bridge mode to increase the signal strength or range of connectivity. When you use a new router or upgrade to a much faster router, you do not have to throw your old router.

You can use your Netgear N300 router in bridge mode by disabling the internal DHCP server. If your old router is not providing you with enough signal strength, it can be used as a bridge to boost the signals for your new router. Let’s now look at the process to convert Netgear N3oo into bridge mode.

Before setting your Netgear router in bridge mode, two things should be kept in mind.
  • Router and access point must have same wireless channel.

  • Wireless bridge mode must be assisted by both the routers.

Let’s now look at the process to convert netgear n3oo into bridge mode.

  • Connect one end of the ethernet port into your router and other end into your computer.

  • Navigate your web browser to the default IP of NETGEAR I.E"

  • You will now be prompted to enter the “username” and “password” which are admin and password respectively.

  • On the left side of navigation panel, click on wireless bridging.

  • Turn down the "Use Router as DHCP Server” option.

  • Click on apply to save settings.

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