What is D-Link DIR-850L Default Router Login

Is there anyone who knows about what is D-Link DIR-850L default router login. I am facing some issues while login it. Help me.
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If you have a D-Link DIR-850L router and you want to access it then you should have the IP address of the device and not just this but you also need the device's username and password. And all these are mentioned in the manual of D-Link Router and also on the router.

Now if you want to default login to D-Link DIR-850L router then follow the process that is launch your web browser and enter IP address of your router and then enter username and password by using default login credentials and hence you have successfully logged in to the router and can now use the control panel of your router and make changes accordingly.

How to Log into the D-Link DIR-850L Router?

Below mentioned are the steps that you need to carry out in order to log into your D-Link DIR-850L router.

Step 1: Launch your internet browser.

Step 2: After that, enter in the location bar of your browser to open the web-based setup page of your router.

Step 3: Now, you are going to see text areas where you need to enter your username and password.

Step 4: Enter admin in the Username section and enter (blank) in the password section.

Step 5: Once you are done entering the login credentials in their respective sections and then click on login. After that, open the Control Panel of your router.

An Alternative Method to Log into Your D-Link DIR-850L Router

Use other username and password combinations available online for logging into the D-Link router. Some of the popular username and password combinations are given below. Sometimes the login credentials you enter don't work.

In such a case, you should try other username and password combinations to access D-Link DIR-850L wireless router.

  • Username :    Password
  • admin       :   password
  • (blank)      :    admin
  • user          :    user
  • admin       :   telus
  • root          :   admin
  • (blank)     :    public
  • admin      :   randomly generated
  • 88612421:   2421D
  • admin      :   year2000

In case you are still not able to log into your router, then you are left with one last resort of resetting your modem. This can easily be done by pressing the reset button given at the back of your router device. If you are able to hold this button for the next 20 seconds.

This will bring your modem back to factory default settings. However, when you will reset your router, you are going to lose your internet connection. Hence, it is advisable to take assistance from an expert.

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