Why My Printer is Not Connecting to My Belkin Wireless Router

I have wireless Belkin router at home, I want to connect my wireless Printer to my network, so that I can use it from various devices on my network. Can anyone tell me how to setup my printer?

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Connect Wireless Printer to Belkin Router -

Configuring your wireless printer to your Belkin wireless router is pretty easy and can be done by following these steps.

1. Make sure your Printer and Belkin router are connected to the power outlet and all the drivers for both the devices, printer and Belkin router are installed. Also, connect the Printer to your computer if your device gas a USB cable.

2. Go to the Control Panel of your computer and click on Printers & Hardware Device.

3. On the main page of Printer & hardware devices, click on add a new printer, device.

4. Your computer will now search for any nearby devices, select the name of your Printer from the list

5. A setup wizard for installing the Printer device will appear, follow the instructions on -screen to complete the installation setup. Make necessary changes in terms of connection,

6. Once the installation is complete, go to your printer's screen and select the wifi, all the nearby SSID will appear, select your home network, from the list and enter the password of your wifi. Now you have connected your printer to wifi. If these does not work chances are, one or the other driver responsible for connectivity has malfunctioned.

7. Download all the necessary drivers from your printer's official web page. It is free to download and you can find it by entering your device model number on the Driver & Downloads page. Install all these drivers on your computer and then connect to the wifi.

You have successfully configured and connected your printer to your Belkin wireless router.

  •  Nate
  •   September 18, 2022
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Connect Printer to Belkin Router -

Modern Printers come equipped with the option to configure it to your home network or connect it to your Belkin router. By connecting your printer to wireless network, numerous devices can give print commands over the network.

Although these machines uses have become very easy and common for your network. But, we do receive complaints from users about the connectivity issue of their printer to Belkin Wireless router. You can follow these steps to configure your Printer to your Belkin router easily.

How to share your Printer on your Belkin wireless router?

  • Connect your Printer to the wireless Belkin router via USB connection. You must have got the cable along with your printer device. Wait for few minutes to let the connection get established, you will see a green light.
  • Make sure your computer has all the necessary drivers installed on it before proceeding as, these drivers are responsible for communication, following commands. Etc.
  • Open your computer, which is connected to your wireless Belkin router. At the bottom right corner, right click on the Belkin Utility application from system tray.
  • Now from the side-menu, select Networked USB devices > Belkin USB Print and Storage Centre.
  • Now on this main page, you will see the name of your printer which you connected to the Belkin router via wired USB connection. You can double-click the image to print your preferences. You can also make use of the Use Device button at the lower left corner.

You have successfully connected your printer device to your wireless Belkin router. This printer is not shared with all the devices on your network.

What if Direct Connection does not work?

  • If the direct USB connection does not allow your printer to be shared over the network, you may have to add your printer manually. The process is fairly simple and you only require to know the password for your Belkin wireless network. Follow the instructions carefully to configure it.
  • Go to the Control Panel on your computer and then select Printer & Hardware device.
  • On the main settings page, click on Add a Printer device. A setup wizard will open up, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.
  • Also, download and install all the necessary drivers form your printer’s official website.

Once the printer has been added, go to your printer menu and choose the wifi option. Select the name of your network and enter the password. Now you have successfully connected your printer to the wireless Belkin network.

These are the two methods via which, either you can connect your printer directly to your Belkin router or choose the Manual configuration and later connect it to the network.

  •  Patrick
  •   September 18, 2022
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When you connect your all-in-one printer to the wireless network using a Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO Router, you need to configure your router security to WPA2-AES instead of TKIP, to resolve this issue.

  •  Addy Osman
  •   September 18, 2022