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Will Verizon Hotspot Work on NETGEAR R7000 Router With No Cable Modem?

I am attempting to use my Verizon wireless Hotspot from my cell phone and connect to my R7000 router. I am attempting to use a wireless cellular signal instead of a wired cable modem connection. Is this possible? If so can someone guide me in the right direction?

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Connect Netgear r7000 to Hotspot -

Netgear is an American company which is producing electronic products globally. The company is rich in routers, adapters, switches, and modems. It's wireless and wired routers are prestigious because of their fast speed informing internet connection. It becomes hectic with the wired routers to form a network.

There are wireless networks that help to connect with the devices and to make the connection. The wireless routers are very secure and Verizon hotspot works on Netgear routers. Connect to Netgear R7000 router easily. This takes very less time to make a setup. Netgear wireless routers enhance the way of work and remove most of the hindrances.

To make Verizon hotspot work on Netgear or connect to Netgear R7000 router to hotspot in the following steps-

  • There is a need to configure the wireless hotspot first. The default password may be tricky with some numerics in it. The strong password should be secure to protect from the virus attacks. After installing the software, configure the settings.
  • Setting up the wireless ethernet bridge is not really very easy. If the protected setup does not works then take the help of an appropriate software which can install easily. Configure the web interface and then connect to the hotspot with the right password.
  • Connect the ethernet cable to the WAN port of the router. Disable the DHCP in the wireless Verizon hotspot which has connection sharing. It will prove a list of IP Addresses which will help to configure IP Address for hotspot router for not making any conflicts.
  • It may misbehave and will ask to configure the settings back on the Verizon hotspot. After the setup wireless routers will show the limits of currently active connections in it.
  • Verizon hotspot will connect to Netgear R7000 router and it will turn on the internet connection for the devices.
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