Can't Login to My D-Link Router

I've been using DI-524 for many years without setting the password, and now I'd like to add password to lock the network. I typed "admin" and left blank for the password, but still the router couldn't allow me to login. And I've reset the router a couple of times to set back the default setting, but still this thing happened again. I wonder what could be the cause and what's the solution for it? Could anyone help me?

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Can't Login to DLink Router

If you are facing a problem of can’t login to D-Link Router then there might be multiple reasons like wrong login credentials, changes to router IP address, and no connection of the router to the internet. Some of the ways to resolve these issues are setting the router again, updating firmware, configuring the settings, and contacting d link support.

In case after changing the default login credentials you have forgotten them then you will have to factory reset the router and it will change the settings to the default values including your login credentials. You can always find default credentials in the router’s user manual or on D-Link's official website.

How to Fix Can't Login to DLink Router Problem?

Step 1. Connect your computer's network port to one of your router's LAN ports (Ethernet ports) using a network cable. WAN port of the router should be connected to your modem

Verify physical connectivity by checking for solid link lights on the Ethernet ports of the device. If you do not get a solid link light, try using a different cable or connect to a different port on the device if possible. If the computer is turned off, the link light may not be on.

Step 2. Under Control Panel > Network Connections ... make sure that your Local Area Connection is enabled and not bridged with any other connection. If you see any icon which is called "Bridge" - delete it. If you see your Local Area Connection marked as "Bridged" - right-click Local Area Connection and select “Remove from Bridge ".
Step 3. Check your IP address. Your computer must have an IP address in the same range of the device you are attempting to configure. Most DI-series devices use the 192.168.0.x range.

If you are attempting to configure a D-Link router, then make sure you take note of your computer's Default Gateway IP address. The Default Gateway should be the IP address of the D-Link router.

By default, it should be your computer with a static IP address: Go to Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Properties: Select Internet protocol TCP/IP and click on Properties:

Select the “Use the following IP address / Use the following DNS “options. Specify the TCP/IP settings you want to use:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway:

Preferred/Alternate DNS: / (or whichever your provider is using). Click on OK and then OK again.

Try to access the router. Open Internet Explorer and type Select Admin from the drop-down menu and then enter your password. Leave the password blank by default

Step 4. If unsuccessful in accessing the router's configuration pages, please reset the router. To reset the router you will need to press and hold the reset button on the back for 10 seconds while it is powered on. Release the button and wait until the router boots up (1 min). Try to log into it again.

Step 5. Check your Internet settings. Go to Control Panel > Internet Options. From the Security tab, click the button to restore the settings to their defaults. Click to the Connections tab and set the dial-up option to “Never dial a connection ".

Click the LAN Settings button. None of the options should be selected. Click OK. Click OK out to the desktop and close any open windows. Restart Internet Explorer and try to access the router.

Step 6. Disable any Internet security software running on the computer. Software firewalls like Zone Alarm, Black Ice, Sygate, Norton Personal Firewall, etc… As these might block access to the router's configuration pages.

Check the help files included with your firewall software for more information on disabling or configuring it step 7. If you still cannot log into the router: - Cycle the power on the router.

Switch the power off. Wait 20 to 30 seconds. Switch the power on and wait for the lights to stabilize. - Restart the computer. - Go to: Start > Run > type "cmd" (without quotes) > OK. In the DOS window type: ping and press Enter. You should see "Reply from..." messages.

If your ping was successful, attempt again to access the router's configuration page. Try these options in the address window. If you cannot ping the router check your IP settings.

In the DOS window type "ipconfig" (without quotes) and press Enter. The IP address on your network adapter should be in the 192.168.0 xrange. Type "arp -d" (without quotes) and press Enter.

Repeat this command several times until you get "The specified entry was not found" message. Try to access the router again. Reset the router. Try using another computer.

What are the Common Causes of Can't Login to My D-Link Router Problems?

Incorrect Login Credentials

One of the most common reasons for being unable to log in to your D-Link router is due to incorrect login credentials. Double-check that you're using the correct username and password for your router.

The default username and password for a D-Link router is usually admin and password, respectively. However, these credentials may have been changed if you or someone else previously modified the settings.

Router IP Address Has Changed

If you've recently made changes to your network, such as adding a new router or modem, the IP address of your D-Link router may have changed. To access the router's web-based setup page, you need to know its IP address.

You can find the IP address of your D-Link router by using the Command Prompt or Terminal on your computer and running the command ipconfig. Look for the line that says "Default Gateway" and the number next to it is the IP address of your router.

Router is Not Connected to the Internet

Another possible reason for being unable to login to your D-Link router is that it's not connected to the internet. If the router is not connected to the internet, you won't be able to access its web-based setup page.

To check the connection status of your D-Link router, look for the LEDs on the front panel. If the internet LED is not lit, it means your router is not connected to the internet.

What are the Important Solutions of Can't Login to My D-Link Router Problem?

Resetting the Router

If you've tried the above steps and are still unable to login to your D-Link router, you may need to reset it. Resetting the router will erase all of its current settings and restore it to its default configuration.

To reset your D-Link router, locate the reset button on the back panel. Press & hold reset button for 10 seconds, then release it. Wait for the router to restart and then try logging in again using the default credentials.

Updating Router Firmware

If you're still having trouble logging in to your D-Link router after resetting it, it's possible that the firmware is outdated. You can check for updates by logging in to the web-based setup page and looking for a firmware update option in the router's menu.

Updating the firmware can help resolve any bugs or compatibility issues that may be causing the login issue.

Contacting D-Link

If you've tried all of the above steps and are still unable to login to your D-Link router, it may be a hardware issue. In this case, you may need to contact D-Link support for further assistance.

Make sure to have your router's model number, serial number, and a detailed description of the issue on hand when you contact D-Link support.

Why am I not able to access the Dlink router admin page? And How to Solve this issue? 

At times, you might not be able to get access to your router's admin page. There can be many reasons behind not being able to access the link router admin page. Some of them are-

  • Not using the correct IP address. There are two default IPs for most of the routers, which are and Use the one that will work for your router model.

  • Not connected to the right network.

  • Not cleaning the web browser cookies and cache to enhance the performance of the browser. 

  • Not using an updated firmware. 

If you face trouble getting access to the D link router admin page, then you can troubleshoot the problem in the following ways- 

  • Put the router on reset mode.

  • Use your default details to log in.

  • Check the firmware.

  • Try using a different web browser.

  • Enable SSH, and it will help you log in to fix the issue.

You can also refer to the router's manual or contact the manufacturer's team for help. They will help you resolve the issue.


If you're unable to login to your D-Link router, there could be a few reasons why. Try resetting the router, updating its firmware, or checking your login credentials. If you're still having trouble, consider contacting D-Link support for further assistance.

FAQs of Can't Login to DLink Router

Q: How do I forget the d-link router login password?

Ans: You will have to reset your DLink router, as it will reset your router to the factory default setting. You can now access the admin page by entering the default credentials. You can also change the settings of the router.


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