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How Do I Secure My Netgear Router?

I am tring to secure my netgear router the address given 192.1.1 has not helped. what do I need to do.

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Have a look at these simple techniques that are described here to secure Netgear router -

1.Login into Netgear router and check these things – Go into Mozilla Firefox and type Netgear router’s IP address in the address bar. If this IP address is not working, in other words, Netgear web page is not opening then you have to perform a hard reset of your router. By doing a hard reset, all previous settings will get erased and your router will restore to default settings.

a. Firewall – Firewall provides basic security protection from malicious security attack. Although Netgear router’s firewall is turned on by default. If it is turned off then it is very difficult to turn it on because it is not a matter of few clicks, you have to create some security rules inside setup.

b. Guest Network Access – Turn off guest network access so that no one can access your Netgear router without your permission.

c. Remote Administration – Remote administration as the name implies “to administer or control something”. If remote administration is set as enabled then anyone can control your Netgear router without connected to your network. So, turn off remote administration.

2.Check who is using your bandwidth – If you want to check who is leaching your bandwidth then firstly open Netgear Genie interface and then locate the “ Attached Devices” section. Here you will get information who is connected to your network. Otherwise, you can also download another tool to check who is connected to your network.

3.Use latest encryption method – Although there are three types of encryption method that is available in Netgear router but it is suggested by experts to use WPA2 as it provides the highest level of security.

4.Update Netgear router firmware – If you don’t keep your router’s firmware up-to-date then it can prove harmful for you. To update Netgear router’s firmware, first login and then move to Maintenance tab. Next, tap on “Firmware Update” and set it as “Auto”. Now, there is no need to update your router manually.

I hope you have understood everything how to secure Netgear router. If you have any doubt or confusion regarding this then contact experts by approaching Netgear Router Technical Support Number and sort out all queries.

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Hello James, the process of securing Netgear router is extremely simple, just follow these steps and secure Netgear router -

1.First of all, open your favourite web browser and type “www.routerlogin.net” in the address bar. If this is not working then enter “” in the address bar.

2.Now you are prompted to a login window where you have to enter login details. Enter login credentials carefully otherwise you can’t login to Netgear router login page. Type “admin” in the username field-box and “password” in the password field-box. If after entering these login credentials you are unable to login into Netgear router page then definitely you have modified the admin password and if don’t remember the admin password then you have to reset Netgear router to default factory settings.

3.If the login credentials are working then definitely Netgear router web page will open on your computer’s screen. Now you will see Smart Wizard User Interface on the screen. Here you will see Setup option, just hit a click on it. After this, tap on Wireless Settings.

4.Now move to security options and then click on radio box that is next to “WPA2-PSK (AES)”.

5. After choosing security method, you have to enter a password in the “Passphrase” field.

6. Now, hit a click on Apply button and save the overall security settings.

If you have applied these steps systematically then I am 100% sure to say that your Netgear router is safe now. If you need additional assistance for Netgear router, please feel free to contact Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

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