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How to Change WiFi Password DLink from Mobile?

Hello, Please tell me that how to change wifi password Dlink from mobile. I want to change my Dlink router wifi password. If you have any idea about Dlink password change on WiFi then give me.

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Change WiFi Password D-Link from Mobile:

If you are looking forward to knowing the methods through which you can understand how you can change the Wi-Fi password on your router, then these are some of the methods that you can take a look at.

Method 1 to Change WiFi Password D-Link from Mobile

  • To change Wi-Fi password D-Link from mobile, launch the web browser on your Smartphone and enter the URL http://dlinkrouter or in the location bar.
  • Enter admin in the username section and leave the password field blank.
  • Go to the setup tab and click on it and then navigate to the wireless settings on the left pane.
  • Now to change wifi password d-link from mobile, select wireless network setup manual.
  • Go down to the page of wireless security mode.
  • In this section, you are going to enter the password. If you want, you can enter a new password. Please ensure that you save the settings on the page’s top when it is complete.
  • If your router registration has been done with mydlink. You can also go to the web portal of mydlink for making changes in the settings.

Method 2 to Change WiFi Password D-Link from Mobile

Step 1: To change wifi password d-link from mobile, go to the address bar and enter https://eu.mydlink.com.

Step 2: Log into your d-link account by entering the login credentials like username and password.

Step 3: Go to my devices and select the router. Now, open settings.

Step 4: After that, open basic settings and change the password. You can also click on display password in order to view the password on the screen.

Step 5: Apply these changes, once you have made them by going to the settings.

Step 6: Select yes if you wish to apply these changes. It is going to take at least 80 seconds for saving the settings and boot the router again.

So, if you want to get rid of the problem of change wifi password d-link from mobile, then these are the two methods that you can follow. We hope that all your problems get solved by reading this article.

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