How to Connect a Printer to a D-Link Router?

I have a Samsung Printer and i am looking to connect it to my D-Link DIR-600 to print wirelessly. I have a mac running snow leopard and a laptop with Xp. do I even need to connect it to the wireless router?!?!?! Thanks

If you are a home user then you must need to connect a printer to a D-Link router. When you are setting up your router be careful with how to do it. D-Link routers includes USB port providing users to share devices like to add printers via the wireless network.

This will provide you the power on for connecting to a printer to each house instantly via at the internet. You can now able to utilize the use of printer from anywhere without accessing a direct link to the printer.

Therefore users can easily print documents whenever they need to print anything or at any time. Here are we discussing some steps for connecting your printer with D-Lin router are as follows;

Materials Required "D-Link wireless router with USB port USB cable USB printer"

Step-1: to develop the wireless network first of all you have to plug your power supply into a standard electrical outlet to get it turn on.

Step-2: By using USB cable connect it with USB port which is available on the back of the D-Link's router.

Step-3: Then turn on your USB printer.

Step-4: Now come to your computer device that is connected to a local wireless network and then start to a menu and click to which is marked as Printers and Faxes.

Step-5: And at the left hand side of the window click to add a printer and press enter.

Step-6: Now choose the option for network printer and press next.

Step-7: Then select to browse for the network printers. Now windows are able to scan only for nearby printers and enable to display the list of devices.

Step-8: In the given list of names highlight printer along with D-Link and then click to next.

Step-9: After completing installation hit yes to confirming all decision related to configuring network printer.

How to Connect a Printer to a D-Link Router

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