How to Login to the Dlink Dap-2553

Hello, Please let me know how to Login to the Dlink DAP-2553?. I am trying to log in to Dlink DAP but unavailable to solve it. Can anyone have any idea?

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Login to the Dlink Dap-2553

Dlink DAP-2553 is an attractive and high performance router which makes it easy to share your broadband connection with all of your devices. Dlink DAP-2553 is equipped with external antennas which are used to increase the network coverage so that you can avoid dead spot in your network and get a reliable connection throughout your home.

This Dlink DAP-2553 is equipped with WPA and WPA2 wireless security and it comes with some additional advanced features like web setup wizard, UPnP support, active firewall- Network address translation and repeater mode. It has come with four 10/100 LAN Ports and 10/100 WAN Ports.

There are Some Following Reasons Which Enforce you to Login to the Dlink DAP-2553

  • If you want to change your D-Link password for your Dlink DAP-2553 & secure it
  • If you wish to reset the Wi-Fi setting or you want to reset the wireless network password
  • If you are planning to set up, configure, troubleshoot the D-Link router using D-Link setup page.

There are Following Things which are Required to Login to the Dlink DAP-2553:

Default Gateway for D-Link Router

  • Computer, smartphone or any type of tablet
  • Any type of installed browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet explorer

Dlink DAP-2553 Login:

As we know that most of the D-Link router default IP address is and now we are telling you that how can you use default ID to access your D-Link wireless router

Note: First you need to make sure that your computer or smartphone should be connected with D-Link router with wired or wirelessly because is the local web-console which enables you to give access for your router’s admin page only or if you are already connected to the D-Link router

For the Best Practice to Login the Dlink DAP-2553:

  • First we recommend you to restart your Dlink DAP-2553 along with your computer and modem
  • Thereafter connect your computer using Ethernet cable from your router if you are connected in wireless mode already

Now you Need to Follow Below Steps to Login the Dlink DAP-2553:

First you need to find the router IP address. So in this case, you need to know the internal IP address of the Dlink DAP-2553 router before performing login operation. The Dlink DAP-2553 router IP address is But if you are not able to find the router’s IP address, 

you need to follow some alternate ways to find the IP address.

  • You can either follow how to get to know the router IP address
  • You can also use to free software to find the router’s IP address

Once you get to know your router’s IP address then you are ready to login the Dlink DAP-2553 router web interface.

Login the Dlink DAP-2553 Router:

Dlink DAP-2553 has a web interface for the configuration . you can use any type of installed browser which is used to login the Dlink DAP-2553

Enter the Dlink DAP-2553 Internal IP Address:

You have to insert the internal IP address of the Dlink DAP-2553 in the address bar of the browser which you would like to login. And press the enter key to proceed. Then you might get prompt box to enter username and password in the appropriate boxes

Default Username and Password:

The default username and password is admin and password should leave as blank. And enter these details in the username and password box and press enter to proceed.

Now you will get the home screen of tour D'Link DAP-2553 web interface. If you see this kind of screen then congratulations and you have logged in successfully.

Common FAQs which are Related to Login Dlink DAP-2553

Q: Password is not working during login process

There are certain reasons behind this problem

  • Passwords are case sensitive, so there might be a huge chance that you are making typing mistakes while entering password. So you should be very alert and attentive on entering the password.
  • Another situation, suppose if you have not remembered your password, so in this situation, you have to use default username and password to login the system which are admin and password you can leave as blank. Or if still you have problem in logging the system, you need to perform a factory reset operation to work with default credentials.
  • You have to follow how to reset your password guide, if you want to reset your default username and password.

This is the detailed documents on how to login Dlink DAP-2553 and if you are getting any kind of difficulty, you can contact D-Link services to get help to resolve your issue.

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