How To Reset Dlink WiFi Extender

Is there anyone who knows how to reset Dlink wifi extender. I am facing some issues while reseting Dlink extender. Help me.
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Reset Dlink WiFi Extender:

If you use the internet at home, you may occasionally have problems connecting to it. The next thing you would have done was search online for troubleshooting manuals to assist you. Restarting your machine using all those troubleshooting techniques are two different things, but the Reset Dlink Wifi Extender procedure is a one-stop shop for resuming flawless internet access.

The network configuration is restored to the previous configuration if you reset the extender settings to factory settings. This implies that you receive an almost new device (apart from old hardware). After you have reset the device, all that is needed to utilize the internet once more is to change the network configuration.

Resetting a Factory Configuration

There are two ways to restore the factory default settings on the D-Link range extender:

  • Soft Dlink Wifi Extender RESET
  • Hard RESET

Hard Reset Procedure

The hard reset procedure has been the easiest way to reset a D-Link range extender if you need assistance. The first thing you may do is figure out where the RESET button is on your extension device.

Either the rear panel or even the bottom panel of your extension device contains it. In certain models, the button might be concealed inside a tiny hole, while in other models, it might stick out and have a RESET badge next to it. Here are the steps you can take after finding the same:

  • The RESET button must be pressed and held for at least 5 to 6 seconds. You can either press the button naturally or with a small paper clip or pin. The RESET button may need to be pressed for longer for some extender models. To validate this, you can examine the user guide for the relevant model of the device.
  • Hold the RESET button if you see the power and status LEDs on the front panel flash simultaneously. The extender would then restart by itself.
  • If you turn off the extender while resetting, hardware damage may result.

You can adjust your D-link range extender after getting it back up and running by following the basic d-link setup instructions.

Soft Reset Method For Dlink WiFi Extender

You can also reset the device with the web-based settings management tool. To get into the same, you would need the admin credentials. You can utilize the HARD reset technique if you're resetting your device since you've forgotten the admin credentials. Follow the instructions to solve other problems.

Before starting, ensure your computer or smartphone is linked to the device network. Do as instructed to ensure you can access the setup wizard online. When you're prepared, start with the simple instructions below:

Step 1: Use your computer or smartphone browser to log in to the D Link extender setup wizard.

Step 2: Go to the "Device Administration" area of the same website after logging in.

Step 3: Go to the menu and choose "RESET device."

Step 4: You might be prompted to enter the old password after clicking the button. Click on The submit button after entering the necessary information.

Step 5: To continue, select the "Reset extender immediately" option.

You would now be logged out of the device setup wizard, and the device reset process starts. To change the network settings and use a seamless internet connection, utilize the D-Link extension setup process.

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