How to Set Up a D Link WBR 2310 Wireless Router

Hello, Please tell me about how to set up a d link wbr 2310 wireless router. I have bought this dlink 2310 wireless router. But don't know how to setup it.

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Setup a D Link WBR-2310 Wireless Router:

A d link wbr-2310 wireless router is used for creating a safe home wireless network for all the wireless and wired devices at your home. This enables a user to share his network connection with every device that is connected to it. Before you start getting to know how you can use this router, it is necessary for you to know how you can configure or setup a d link wbr 2310 router.

Here are Some of the Steps That You Need to Follow for the Configuration of the D Link wbr-2310 Router:

Connecting the Hardware:

1) Disconnect or Turn off Your Router

Before you connect your router to the modem, turn off the power on your modem. In case you are not able to turn off the modem, then you can just simply disconnect it from the power source.

2) Get Two Ethernet Wires

You need one ethernet wire to connect the modem and the router and you need the other one to connect your router to the computer system at the time of setup. Once you are done with the setup, then you can use the network adapter in order to connect your computer wirelessly to the router. You can also check, maybe both your router as well as the modem came along with an ethernet wire. In case your computer system was connected to the modem directly, then that wire can also be used.

3) Link the WAN Port of Your Router with the Modem

The WAN port is placed at the back of the router and it is closest to the power connector. The WAN port is of white color on the other hand all the LAN ports are blue in colour. Let the router remain disconnected from the power source for a few moments.

4) Connect Computer System to the LAN Ports

Take an ethernet wire and connect any of the LAN ports of the router to the ethernet port at the back of your CPU. If you are using a laptop, then connect the wire to the ethernet port of the laptop. Although you must know one thing that not all laptops have an Ethernet port. In case you are using a desktop, then yes every desktop has an ethernet port.

5) Turn on Your Modem 

Power on your modem from the back or you can also connect it back to the power source. Modem is going to take around one minute in the booting up process.

6) Turn on Your Router

Connect your router to the wall outlet or the power source. Your router is going to take around 3 seconds n the booting up process.

7) Turn on Your Computer System

Turn on your system and please make sure that it is not connected to any wired or wireless network.

8) Carefully See the Indicator Lights on Your Router

Carefully check the power, LAN, and WAN light of your router. You must not forget that the LAN port is the one that is connected to your computer system.

In case you see that the WAN light is not turned on, then you need to ensure that your modem is turned on. Then, you need to check if your modem is on or not. Carefully, check if it is connected to your router’s WAN port.

In case you see that even the LAN light is not turned on, then you must ensure that your system is connected to one of the LAN ports and ensure that it is turned on.

Access D Link wbr-2310 Router:

1) Turn on the internet browser on your computer system

You can do the router configuration by opening up an internet browser on the computer system that is connected to the router.

2) Please put the IP address in the location bar of your internet browser

When you will enter the IP address then you will be redirected to the login page of the router. is the default IP address for the D link wbr 2310 wireless router.

In case the configuration page of the router does not load, then see if your system is connected to the router or not. Also, check if it is connected to some other router.

If you are still not able to load the page of configuration, then there is a chance that someone else was using your router and that person changed the IP address. Press the button of reset that is placed on the back of your router. Keep on pressing it for the next 10 seconds. This is going to bring your router back to the default settings. When you are done resetting the router, then you can access the page of the configuration.

3) Enter admin in the username section and leave the section of password empty

In order to log into your router, you need to enter both the username and password details. In case these login details don’t open the login page for you, then that means someone has changed the login information. Press and hold the reset button in order to reset the router. Press it for at least 10 seconds. After completing the reset information, you can enter the default login details.

Setting up the D Link wbr-2310 Router for the First Time:

1) Select the Setup Wizard Button

Click on the button of setup wizard in order to setup D Link wbr 2310 router. The button of setup wizard opens up only when you are logging in for the first time. This will configure and secure your networks in no time. If by any chance, you don’t see the button, then select the setup tab.

2) Open Internet Connection Setup Wizard

This is going to begin the setup procedure for the administration account and internet connection of your router. To continue forward, you need to click on next.

3) Create a Dlink wbr-2310 Default Password

It is necessary for you to create a password for your wireless network, in order to keep it secure. If you will create a password, then an unauthorized user will not be able to have any access to your network. So, whenever it asks, you need to create a new password. Plus, you have to make sure that you don’t forget the password. If you forget the password, then you must reset it.

4) Chose the Time Zone

In order to have time-based router settings and accurate logs, you need to select the present time zone. Go to the drop-down menu for selecting the right time zone.

5) Choose the Type of Internet Connection

Many of the home users who connect using DSL or cable, will select the first option of DHCP connection. Get in touch with your internet service provider in case you are not sure.

6) Copy Your Option to Clone the MAC Address

In case of several users, this field would already be filled up. Click on this option if the field of your MAC address is blank. The users are allowed to leave the password area blank in case nothing is mentioned by the ISP to fill that space.

7) Save the Settings

Click on the button of connect for saving the settings. After that, your router is going to boot again which is going to take a few minutes.

8) Test Whether You are Connected or Not

Open your internet browser and see if any page is opening up or not. You may have to try several times before the first page opens up. This thing is very normal. Once the pages start loading, then you can create your own wireless network.

How to Create a Wireless Network?

1) Log into Your Router

Enter the IP address in the address bar of your internet browser. Now, you will be redirected to the login page and there you will have to enter the password that you created in the last section when you were asked to login. You have to enter admin in the username.

2) Open Setup Wizard

Click on the setup tab and then open up the setup wizard.

3) Go to the Menu of Wireless Settings

This is going to open up a new page and you will learn how you can set up a d-link wbr 2310 wireless router.

4) Check the Box of “Enable Wireless”

Your wireless network will be turned on when you save the settings.

5) Give a Name to Your Network

Create a name for your network and you need to make sure that name does not include any personal details. You need to keep in mind that this name is going to be publicly visible.

6) Choose WPA2 as the Mode of Security

If you are looking for the most safe means for the wireless transmission. It is impossible for a person to crack WPA2 password. On the other hand, you can crack WEP password within 30 minutes. You can select WEP or WPA if you are using a device that supports such protocols.

7) Form a Password that is not Easy to Crack

You need to make sure that the password that you are going to make should be strong enough so that no one can crack it. Once you are done creating the password, then you must save the settings. After that, you will be able to connect to the devices wirelessly.

So, these are some of the steps that one must follow to set up a D Link wbr 2310 wireless router.

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