How to Set up and Install My D-Link Router Dir-816l

Hello, Please let me know that how to set up and install my D-Link router DIR-816L. I have bought a new Dlink router DIR_816L But don't know how to install it. Help me.

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Setup and Install My D-Link Router DIR-816L:

Are you among those who are thinking about how to set up and install my D-Link router DIR-816L? Well, this is the right place where you can learn and start the setup for your router by yourself.

Step 1: Place the D-Link DIR-816L Router nearest to your Internet-connected modem and computer. Try keeping it an open area for fast wifi network coverage.

Step 2: Take off the modem’s Ethernet cable from your computer and plug it into your router through port labeled as ‘INTERNET’. Now, connect the router to some power outlet using a power cable and ensure that the power LED is on or not.

Step 3: Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the port labeled ‘1’ at the router back and the other end into the computer’s Ethernet port. To set up and install my D-Link router DIR-816L through Wi-Fi, go to the wifi settings of your computer or mobile. Select the network name given on the Wi-Fi Configuration (ex dlink-A8FA). Enter the password for the selected network.

Step 4: Visit this default router URL http://dlinkrouter or using any installed web browser on your system. Then press the Enter button.

Step 5: If you have logged into the web interface of the router for the first time, the Setup Wizard will start automatically.

This setup wizard helps you to login and configure your new D-Link router. Ensure that you should be connected to the Internet. You can select your desired language using the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, click on Next button to continue.

Wait while your router is detecting the Internet connection. Enter the required username and password for your Internet connection as provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Step 6: In some cases, the router is able to detect the Internet connection, but not the type of Internet connection you are using. It shows a prompt box showing an option “Guide me through the Internet connection settings”. Click it to check the list of connection types and to choose from.

Select the Internet Connection type as DHCP Connection (Dynamic IP Address) or Username/Password (PPPoE) DHCP Connection.

DHCP connection type is useful for cable Internet services. In fact, there is no need to give extra details if you use this connection type. PPPoE is useful for DSL Internet connections. In this type, you have to provide the extra details before connecting to this type of network.

Username: Name provided by your Internet service provider.
Password: Password respective to your Internet service username.

Step 7: Further, enter other additional information, and click Next button to continue.

Step 8: Create an SSID for your respective wifi network either for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless bands. Also, set a required password for the selected Wi-Fi network. The password should be at least 8 characters. Using this wifi username and password, your wireless clients should be able to connect to your wireless network. Next, click Next to continue.

Note: It is suggested to choose a password that is easy to remember and difficult to hack for other users at the same time. Use strong passwords that include a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 9: Secure your router by creating a strong password for your device which can be used to access the router’s web-based configuration interface. Remember, this password should be different from the password to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Enter the admin password in the field and click on the Verify field.

Next, click on the Continue button.

Tick the “Enable Graphical Authentication” box in order to enable CAPTCHA authentication for improved security.

Note: Graphical authentication system uses a challenge-response test to prevent unauthorized access by fraudulent users trying to seek access via automated means.

Step 10: Next, choose the preferred time zone from the drop-down menu and click Next button.

A confirmation window shows on your screen that signifies the setup completion. Ensure that you make a note of the network settings shown on your screen. Click Next to continue.

You can even bookmark this router’s configuration page. Click OK if you want else Cancel.

Finally, you are done. You can remotely access, control, configure and manage the router network via mydlink Lite mobile app or mydlink web portal. For this, you require to register and login into mydlink Cloud Services. Create an account if you don't have one.

Hope this guide is an apt answer about how to set up and install DLink router DIR-816L.

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