How to Set Up D-link to Comcast

Hello, Please let me know that how to set up D-link to comcast. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.
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Set Up D-link to Comcast:

Have you got your new router to home? How to set up D-link to Comcast device? If you have no idea then this step by step guide will help you to cover the setup milestones. Once you get your new D-Link router out of the box and connected to your modem, it's quite easy to set up D-link to Comcast cable connection. 

Using the web-based configuration utility that came with the modem, you can quickly configure the settings for your broadband Internet service without having to install any additional software to your computer. However, the process will take a couple of minutes to set up D-link to Comcast service. So, you can start sharing the Internet with all the wireless devices in your home or office location.

Quick and easy steps to set up D-link to Comcast

In order to set up D-link to Comcast, you need to follow the set of instructions given below.

Step 1: Firstly, plug in the Ethernet cable into the networking port on your computer. Thereafter, insert the other end of the Ethernet cable into the "WAN" port present on the back side of the D-Link router.

Step 2: Secondly, launch any installed web browser on your system and navigate to the router URL address. Type and enter "" into the address bar. Then, press the "Enter" button to open the router's Web-based configuration utility.

Short note: This specific IP address is not available on the Internet as the web-based configuration is built-in within the router.

Step 3: Now, type or enter "admin" into the username field and leave the "Password" field blank for now. Next, click on the "OK" button and log-in to the router's settings.

Step 4: Further, click the "Setup" tab and then click on "Internet". Thereafter, click on the "Manual Configure" button. Under the "My Internet Connection Is" menu, click on the "Dynamic IP" option inside the menu. Lastly, click on "Save Settings" and then close the web browser window.

Step 5: Later, you can turn off the cable modem and then turn off the D-Link router also. Wait for the next two minutes before plugging back in the Comcast cable modem. You can turn the D-link router back to On after the "Connection" light on the modem is illuminated to complete the setup.

Hope this guide to set up D-link to Comcast works effectively and is helpful to the router users.

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