How to Set up Your D Link Cloud Router

Hello, is there anyone who knows about how to set up your D link cloud router. I have no idea about this dlink router. Please give me any solution for seting D link cloud router

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Set up D-Link Cloud Router:

If you have a D-Link router and you want to setup a D-Link cloud router, then this article will help you know the setup procedure. Generally the box in which your router comes, contains a CD rather than the Wi-Fi configuration card. The box will also consist of these things.

  • Power adapter
  • Router
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Wi-Fi configuration card
  • Quick installation guide

D Link Cloud Router Setup Instructions Important to Follow:

Step 1: Connect your power adapter to the power source as well as the router to set up your D-link cloud router.

Step 2: Now, connect the ethernet wire to the WAN port of both the router as well as the modem for connecting each other. WAN ports are generally yellow in colour.

Step 3: Give it some time to start with light indication.

Step 4: Now to setup your D-link cloud router, in your computer system or device, check network preferences and link it to the SSID name that is mentioned on the wireless configuration card. Also, enter the password that is mentioned on the card.

Step 5: After following all the steps that are given above, you will get connected.

If You are Not Able to Get a Quick Connection, Then Follow These Steps.

Step 1: Disconnect your modem from the power source.

Step 2: Use an ethernet wire and connect your laptop or computer system to the LAN port of your router.

Step 3: Connect the DSL modem or cable to your router’s internet port.

Step 4: Turn on your router as well as the DSL modem to set up your D-link cloud router.

Step 5: After that, launch your web browser and enter the IP address 192.168.01 on the location bar.

Step 6: Then, the D-Link router setup wizard page will open up in front of you. You need to remember that this wizard will only open up if you are configuring it for the first time.

In case, you have configured your router previously, then you will have to reset it for performing the setup process. For bringing it back to the default settings, press and hold the reset button and release it after 10 seconds. At the time of reboot, the front lights of the router should flash.

Step 7: After that, your router will start scanning to find out the internet service that you have. If it is successful, then the internet setup process can get skipped.

Step 8: In case, the scanning was not successful, then you can enter your internet type.

  • DHCP connection: Cable internet service like teksavvy, videotron, cogeco, shaw etc.

  • Password or username: DSL internet service (Acanec, SaskTel, DSL, tech-savvy, Sympatico)
  • Enter the username provided by the internet service provider and password provided by the service provider.
  • In the next step, go to the wireless settings. Enter the name of your wireless network and password to setup your D-link cloud router. The password is what you are going to need at the time of linking to the wireless signal for very first time.
  • Enter your router’s password. The password is required when you wish to log into the setup page for configuring the router.
    Then, select the time zone.

  • Your wireless settings summary will be displayed. This includes both your password and the network name.

  • After that, your router will restart for applying the new settings and the setup procedure gets completed.
  • So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to set up your D-link cloud router.

Before You Start

DSL Provider Users

In case you are using a PPPOE connection, then in that case you will need a username and password for PPPOE. If you are not available with these details, then you must get in touch with the internet service provider. Don’t move forward until you obtain this information.

Users that have Cable Providers

Please make sure that you disconnect the modem wire from the power source. There are certain cases where you will need to turn it off for at least 5 minutes.

Users With a Router/Modem Combo

In case the service provider gave you a combo of router or modem, then you need to select the bridge mode in order to ensure that the D-Link router works properly. Please get in touch with the service provider or you have a choice to read the router/modem’s user manual carefully.

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