How to setup belkin router without cd?

I purchased N150 Belkin router from my friend and neither he has installation CD nor quick installation guide and due to this, I am unable to setup Belkin router on my system. So, friends please help me to install Belkin router without CD. I have also searched this process on the internet but didn’t find anything useful. Is there anyone who can help me to setup Belkin router without CD, any help will be highly appreciated!


Hey, no need to be worried as it is quite easy to setup your Belkin N150 router without any CD. Make sure you have an Ethernet cable at hand before proceeding and that is all you need. Follow the instructions carefully to set up your Belkin router:

Step 1: Connect your Belkin N150 router to your computer with the help of an Ethernet cable. One end of the cable goes inside the LAN port while the other end goes inside the ethernet port of your computer. The ADSL cable will go into the WAN port of the router. Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established.

Step 2: Open your web browser and enter, this is the default IP address for Belkin router setup portal. Type this in your URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the login portal of your router.

Step 3: Enter "admin" in the SSID field and leave the password field blank and hit enter. If your ISP has provided any separate login credentials for the router then enter those.

Step 4: Now you will be redirected to the main router settings page. Click on WAN or DHCP settings from the dashboard, this will take you to your DHCP settings tab. Here, check the 'Yes' box under DHCP as this will provide your router will automatic IP address from your ISP, save the settings and come back to the main page.

Step 5: Now go to Security settings, here choose WPA2 as your encryption type and just below that will be a box for 'Passkey', this is your wifi password. Make sure to create a strong password which you can remember. Save the settings. You have successfully configured your router now. Restart it to let the router implement the change settings.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the issue. in case you have any further query feel free to respond and I will be glad to help you out.

How to setup belkin router without cd?

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