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How to Setup Dlink WiFi Router N300?

Hello, Please tell me about how to setup DLink WiFi router N300. I bought this router and don't know how to set it. Please help me in setting up Dlink Router N300.

Setup DLink N300 WiFi Router:

D-Link routers have a setup wizard that helps you in completing the router configuration process. For setting up your D-Link router, you first have to link your router to the modem. After that, you need to link your computer system to the network for running the setup wizard. The process varies depending on the kind of network connection that you are using.

Connect Your Modem to the Router

When you buy a router, a power adapter also comes along with it. Link your adapter to the router and to the power source. To setup D-Link n300 wifi router, connect your modem to the router by using an ethernet wire. Connect the ethernet cable to the WAN port of your router. The port is generally yellow in color for distinguishing it from every other outgoing ethernet ports.

If you are Using the D-Link Model Number 524 and 624, then the WAN Port will be Black.

In case you are using D-Link n300 router, then it has an inbuilt DSL modem. If you want to connect your router to some other device using an ethernet wire, then you can do so by connecting a phone cord by linking the phone jack to the DSL port that is placed at the back of the D-Link router. Wait for the WAN status and power lights to turn on. This is only going to take a few seconds.

D-Link N300 Router Wired Connection

To setup D-Link n300 wireless router use an ethernet wire and connect its one end to the ethernet port on your computer and another end to any one of the ports on your D-Link router. You can connect them to any of the ethernet ports other than the WAN port as it should only be connected to your modem.

D Link N300 Router Wireless Connection

To setup D-Link n300 WIFI router , go to the system tray and click on the network icon. Click on your router’s network name. The network name is mentioned on the configuration card that came together with the router. It is actually D-Link by default. Click on connect for joining the network.

D Link N300 Router Configuration

To setup D-Link n300 router, open your internet browser and then enter the IP address in the location bar of the browser. The IP address is or for various other routers, you can use the IP address Enter both the username as well the password and then finally click on ok.

Generally the username of the router is admin and it is mentioned in the instructions page that came along with the router. If you are using the latest model of the router, then the password section should be left empty. There are certain router models where you can enter password in the password section.

After that, to setup D-Link n300 router, open the setup wizard for configuring your router. Then, either click on Next or Run Wizard. The router chooses the settings automatically depending on the type of connection. After that, it will begin asking a number of questions for configuring the d link n300 router.

Click on the radial button right after the connection type. Most of the users of the cable modem select the DHCP unless you are well aware of the fact that your provider needs a static IP address. If that is the case, then one must choose static.

Many of the ADSL and DSL users should choose PPPOE. After selecting PPPOE, you are required to enter the username and password given by your internet service provider. After that, click on continue.

Enter the name of your network and password for your Wi-Fi network. The network name should be easily remembered. The password of the network must be a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters that can easily be remembered by you and difficult for other people to guess. After that, click on Next.

Go to the drop-down menu and select the time zone. Click on Next for completing the setup. For saving the configuration, click on save and then restart by going to the setup screen. The router will restart and then the internet status, WAN, and power lights will get turned on. After that, you can link your computer system to the Wi-Fi network.

So, these are some of the steps that you have to follow to setup D-Link n300 wireless router.

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How to Setup Dlink WiFi Router N300

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