How to Uninstall the D-Link Router from Your Computer

Hi, I am having problems with my wireless router and think that an uninstall/reinstall might help. I can't uninstall from the windows utility, CC or the one that comes with the software. The uninstaller starts to run and then just vanishes off the screen. System restore has stopped working and so I have had to reset this - now have it working again. So, I thought that I should be able to get rid of this manually, but don't know how to do this. Can anyone walk me through this?

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Remove Device from Dlink Router -

D-Link routers are a sharing device and an internet network connected to more devices at one specific local area network. If you are a home user then it requires to uninstall the D-Link router from your computer. Many of you are still trying to uninstall a d-link router but you can't stop the pieces of installation.

You need to measure some important precautions that helps to purge the device into your computer. Sometimes d-link router is not properly installed it installs as a piece of hardware. Although this device allows you in a seamless transition from your networked computing to an individual computing.

Just read and learn for how to uninstall the D-Link router from your computer by following instructions given this in step-by-step.

Step-1: firstly unplug your d-link router from the Wi-Fi internet modem.

Step-2: Then unplug your computer at the back of your d-link router.

Step-3: Cable which is coming directly from your PC's port this cable plug it into the modem.

Step-4: In the start menu click to Run or press as Ctrl + R (run the program) and then type cmd in it and hit enter.

Step-5: Now type ipconfig / renew and hit enter. This returns back to you and makes your computer to reconfigure again to directly attach with an internet connection which as opposed to going through your d-link router.

These above steps will make easy and help to solve your bugs related to uninstall the d-link router. Follow these instructions by step-by-step in the given manual.

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