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How to Update the Firmware for a Netgear Router?

I'm not a computer whiz and need exact instructions for how to update the firmware on netgear wireless router. I called netgear and they wouldn't help me. I don't want to spend another 100+ on a router.

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Netgear Router Firmware Update:

Try to keep an updating the firmware in your Netgear router by which it improves the performance of your device. A router users recommends on the first priority as compared to wired routers. This makes your job more comfortable with an ease. It protects high network security to keep your data as well as privacy information safe clean against all the latest threats.

There are two different ways for the process of update the netgear router's firmware. Most of the people recommends the manual method which could be the most one of the best and easiest way provides with more control to update the firmware for your netgear router. Moreover manual procedure founds users the fastest way and wants to install the latest version of firmware.

We are discussing about the automated method to update your Netgear router firmware as follows:

  1. First you have to launch the netgear genie app into your PC. On the left side of the screen there is router settings heading click it and then load the router setting panel. Also you can click the button as on click here link which is underneath at right hand side of your router's screen.
  2. Now type to both the fields as username and password. There is default credentials for username as admin and password field for password as respectively. These two fields are usually case-sensitive. Make sure that you are using lowercase letters. To login in click OK.
  3. Then click to the arrow icons which is located at the top of the router settings panel after scrolling it. Then it shows you the router update tab click it for loading router update screen.
  4. Now click on next to installing the new latest firmware. If the latest firmware is available. Its displays indicates some message to our netgear router user. After this click to finish it for launch the web-based administration panel.
  5. Then for login the router device you have to enter administrative details of username as well as password for getting once at logged in. then click the link which is marked as A router firmware update is available that is located at top of the administrative panel.
  6. Then proceed further to upgrade the router's firmware and click on yes. After completing this the netgear router will automatically reboot whenever your firmware update gets finished.
  7. These routers are tends to act as a gateway also can access the responsible connecting two devices via the network. Hope this automated method will help you and founds the easiest way to update the netgear routers firmware.
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