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My D-Link Router is Disconnecting Again and Again?

I have D-Link DIR 615 Wireless N 300 Router model which is disconnecting from network again and again. I have tried rebooting in every hour. I have also double check that ISP(Internet Service Provider) is working properly. Please tell me what to do?

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D-Link Router Keeps Disconnecting from Internet -

Hye James, you need to look into these points if your Dlink router is disconnecting from the internet.

Dlink router gets disconnected if -

  • There exists outside interference.
  • If you have setup Dlink router in an incorrect way.
  • If you have not updated the driver for the wireless card.

See How to Troubleshoot When Dlink Router Disconnects Frequently -

1. Check Dlink Router Settings-

  • If you are connecting to the 5GHz network then try to connect the 2.4GHz network.
  • Also, check the router’s channel settings and verify that these settings are set to auto.
  • If you are using Mac Address Filtering, network isolation or WiFi Protect setup then turn them off. Because these are not helpful to increase router security, in fact, they cause various problems.
  • Also, verify that you have set wireless network mode as “Mixed”.

If you have got confusion in router settings then don’t get worried, just reset your router. I hope you know how to reset Dlink router via Reset button.

2. Update Dlink Router Firmware -

Before starting the firmware update process, make sure you are having a proper internet connection. Now, launch Google Chrome and navigate to Dlink router web page. To login into Dlink router wizard, you have to enter username and password.

After logging, navigate to Advanced> Administration option. After this, tap on “Firmware Update” and start the process. If you encounter any error while updating Dlink router firmware then approach our troubleshooters by calling on Dlink Router Technical Support Number.

3. Reposition Dlink Router -

If you have setup your Dlink router at home then check for interference sources. In the home, there are various devices that transmit radio signals, so keep away your router from such devices. Some interference sources- Fluorescent lights, mobile phones, Christmas tree lights etc.

Try these solutions at once and discuss with me, if your problem gets resolved or not. If you need Dlink experts suggestions.


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Dlink Router Keeps Dropping Connection -

Hey, Loss of connectivity to the internet means the router is misconfigured, lost connection to the ISP modem, ISP modem is misconfigured or the ISP has lost ISP services. If this has been working then most likely this is an ISP issue. you have to found where the IP configuration options.

Just go to Setup then click on Manual Configuration and the options will dropdown. Then change Connection Type to Static IP from Dynamic. Then, put in all the values including DNS and default gateway that are already there. Hope this will help you.

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