Why There is No Internet Connection after DLink Router Factory Reset

I have performed a factory reset on my D-Link Dir-600M N150 Broadband Wireless Router. After this process, I can log in but there is no internet connection. I tried quick setup in router setting and ip config release but doesn't work. I think there is some problem with Mac address but I am not sure. Please help me!!!

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DLink Router Connected But No Internet

There are times when you face some problems with your DLink router, like when you are dealing with a router that is connected but still can't access the Internet. You can resolve this issue by checking your white connection and making sure that the router is getting a constant power supply.

You can also try changing your firewall settings and updating the dealing router firmware. All of these things will most probably help you to resolve this issue, but still, if you can't solve the problem, you should call the internet service provider for their assistance and guidance. They will help you to solve the issue of internet connectivity.

Check Internet Connectivity: Connect your dlink router to the computer using an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port on your router while the other end goes into the ethernet port of your computer. Wait for a few minutes to let the connection establish. Open your web browser and see if you can open any website if no contact your ISP.

Change Firewall Settings: Sometimes, a strict firewall setting can also lead to no internet connectivity, so make sure to tweak your firewall settings to a point where it doesn't interfere with your Dlink router broadcast signal.

Update Dlink Firmware: Firmware contains encoded messages for your router to function correctly. It also includes the necessary updates which resolve certain issues from the previous version. So, make sure to update the firmware of your device to the latest available version.

Contact ISP: In case any of the given methods do not help you in getting back internet on the Dlink router no internet access, it is advisable to contact the Internet Service Provider for further information. The reason for your Internet network failure could be because of some repair work or related to your ISP.

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above helped you fix the D-Link router connected but no internet access. If you did not understand or are having difficulty with any of these steps, kindly revert back with your Dlink no internet connection query.

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