Can a WiFi Extender Have a Different Password

I have a dought about that, can a wifi extender have a different password? If anyone knows then help me.
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There are lots of dangers associated with an unprotected WiFi network and the same is also quite common in case you use a WiFi extender to expand the reach of your internet connection within your office or home premises.

Hence it calls for a discussion on how your WiFi extender has a different password. To actually get this done just take a look at this brief discussion that throws light on what considerations users must keep in mind in order to change their Extender’s password.

Considering the Make of Your WiFi Extender

The prime consideration to changing the password of your WiFi extender is that different models of WiFi extenders have different ways of setting the extender’s password. So, you just need to ensure that the model of your WiFi extender is primarily identified.

You can also get to know about this by referring to the product guide that among different elements elaborately reflects the model of the WiFi Extender.

Extracting Information Pertaining to Your WiFi Extender

In order to have complete information about your WiFi extender, you need access to the company’s portal for knowing more about the Extender’s IP address and other relevant login information.

Updating the SSID Settings 

The mapping of your WiFi extender as the default extender is probably another reason why security concerns may get compromised. To do away with this issue avoid using common names or personal information. You may also resort to allow operating your Extender’s SSID and allowing it to work in hidden mode.

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  •   September 24, 2023