How do I Reset My NETGEAR Router to Default Settings

I was messing around with the advanced wireless settings in my router and now my wireless pc doesn't want to connect to the net. Will resetting the whole thing work?

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Answer - 1

Reset NETGEAR Router to Default Settings:

A Netgear router is an essential device that connects several systems at one specific local network. In some cases, people face errors to reset a Netgear router to default settings and have no idea to resolve it.

Below we have explained some of a few simple methods that resolve all your answers in a quick way. Such Netgear routers are widely used in offices, large business organizations where they need to share valuable data from one route to another router.

Problems may arises such as resetting a Netgear router or unable to reset a password from a factory default settings. That can be resolved by explaining below its troubleshooting steps: Read out these instructions as followed and go through it.

Reset Netgear Router, ensures that your router is ON:

Get Ready to Perform a Factory Reset Procedure in Netgear Routers:

Method - 1

Step 1 : At the back of a router device, users can easily locate a factory reset settings.

Step 2 : Use ant thin object for instance, a paper clip or a pen, press or hold it to reset factory settings or into a reset key button for at least 7-15 seconds.

Step 3 : Release that reset button and a user need to keep patience until a Netgear router reboots.

Step 4 : Thus, a router device gets finished to a factory reset; hence it indicates a solid green light and stops blinking.

Step 5 : The factory default settings get automatically restored.

Thus, a Netgear router resets default settings. An alternative method has been described as below:

Method II to Reset the Netgear Router Device from its Default Settings:

Step 1 : First you’ve locate the reset button which as located to the back of a Netgear router. Thus, a button is too small and recessed that can easily avoid accidental resets.

Step 2 : With the help of a using paper clip or any tiny thin object, insert it, until n unless the test light starts begins. This needs to reset the Netgear router and hold the reset button for at 5-10 seconds.

Step 3 : To make it your Netgear router reboot, release that button. Then it appears a login screen. Type a username as default admin along with any password as 1234 or a password itself.

Step 4 : Just need to have some patience, to accept all login information. Remember, if users failed to login their Netgear router, then follow these steps as given below:

Step 5 : From a main power outlet section, unplugged your Netgear router.

Step 6 : Again with the help of a using paper clip or a pen, hold the reset button and then at the same time, plug into a wall outlet.

Step 7 : Keep on press the reset button or hold the key at least 15-20 seconds when you plugged into a main power outlet switch. Again a router gets to reboot it.

Step 8 : Again do as same it shows a Netgear router login screen with the help of using a default username and a password. You will now easily get logged into your Netgear router device.

Thus, we hopefully think that you’ve received best solutions for this resetting Netgear router to its factory default settings. If first method is failed to fix it, customers can try second method for to troubleshoot a Netgear router device for resetting it.

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