How do I Setup Remote Management on My Nighthawk Router

Hello, I have bought new nighthawk router, But i have no idea about how to setup remote management on my nighthawk router. Please give any idea to setup remote management on nighthawk router.

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Nighthawk Remote Management:

In this article, we can see how to set up remote management on your Nighthawk router. The Nighthawk router is the best one which connects to the internet all time without any distraction. With this you can do your office work using internet flawlessly and also you can enjoy movies, songs and so on.

Why do I Need to Set Nighthawk Router Remote Management?

Here we can see why I need to set up remote management on Nighthawk router? As the remote management helps to perform various tasks over the internet such as:

  • I need help from someone to administer my router configuration.
  • I need to troubleshoot the problems of my friends or relatives router.
  • To administrator for a group of network
  • To configure your router settings over the internet.

These things can be done only when I set up remote management on Nighthawk router. Hence to set remote management in the router is important.

Steps Involved to Set up Remote Management:

In this topic, we can see the steps which I follow to set up remote management on my Nighthawk router. In order to change the settings of your router, you need to know the router's WAN IP address. If you know then the steps involved in setting the remote management are as follows.

Step 1 : First, open the Internet from your computer or a wireless device which is connected to the internet.

Step 2 : Then in that webpage type either or in the URL.

Step 3 : Then you will see the login screen. In that screen enter the user name and password of the router in the appropriate field provided. Both the username and the password are the case sensitive. After typing the required details click enter. Then you will be provided with the Basic home screen.

Step 4 : In that home screen select advanced option and in that select advanced setup then select remote management. i.e., advanced option -> advanced setup -> remote management.

Step 5 : Then select the option to turn remote management on.

Step 6 : Then you need to specify the external IP address given to you to access the router's remote management in the Allow remote access by section. Select any one of the following options they are

  • If you want to allow only single IP address then select only this computer radio button and provide the IP address of the router which you allow to access.
  • If you need to allow a specific range of IP address on the internet then select IP address range radio button and provide starting and ending range of the IP address which is allowed to access.
  • If you need to allow any IP address on the internet then select the Everyone radio button.
  • For enhanced security, restrict some of the important external IP address.

Step 7 : To access the web management interface specify the port number. The different port number used is

  • The standard HTTP service port number 80 is used to access a normal web browser.
  • Enter the custom port number for web management interface for enhanced security. For this choose a number from 1024 to 65535 and don’t use the common port number.
  • The common alternate for HTTP is 8080 port number.

Step 8 : After completing all the required information for changing the remote management click on the Apply button.

Step 9 : Then your changes will be on effect based on your selection.

These are the steps I followed to setup remote management on my Nighthawk router. After the use of the remote management, turn off the remote management check box. There is a chance of hacking your password when you turn on the remote management.


Hence you need to set up the remote management on your nighthawk router to configure, change and to know the status of your router. I hope that this article will provide you with a clear idea of why to set up the remote management and how to do this with simple steps.

Try the above-given steps to set up remote management on Nighthawk router. And provide feedback about this article, whether it is helpful for you or not.

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