How to Change Password on Netgear Router?

Hello, Please tell me about how to change password on Netgear router.I want to change my Netgear router password. But i have no idea about changing Netgear router password.

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Change Password on Netgear Router:

Routers have become an important tool for fastest communication when it comes to traffic directing functions on the internet. Data we send through internet such as any website or any mail, is in the form of packets, which is interconnected to various routers so as to convey the information from source to the receiver. Netgear Routers can be used for LAN (Local Area Network) as well as WAN (Wide Area Network).

Netgear was the first company to launch fastest routers among all others companies producing the routers worldwide. Change of password ensures safety from unwanted hacks and we must follow the practice to update it regularly to avoid from being forgotten.

Steps To Change Password on Netgear Router:

Changing password on Netgear router is not a rocket science, all we need to understand is series of steps that must be followed to apply the changes.

Connect your computer/laptop/tab to wireless router using a hard-wired connection with an Ethernet cable.

Click the window Start button and click on Google/Internet explorer so as to open the internet the internet browser.

Step 1 : Open an internet browser.

Step 2 : Type into the address bar

Step 3 : Enter the name of the router and password when prompted

Step 4 : After you get login, the home page displays and select the option WIRELESS

Step 5 : The default username is admin and default password is password

Step 6 : Enter your new username in the name field (also called SSID)

Step 7 : Enter your new password in the Password field (Network Key) field

Step 8 : Click on Apply button

Finally save your changes and its done.

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How to Change Password on Netgear Router?

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