How to Configure DLink Wireless Router DSL 2750U

I have a new internet router Linksys EA2700 Firmware Version: 1.0.14 the wireless signal doesn't cover the whole house so I like to extend the wireless signal using my old router Dlink DSL-2750U as Access point. I configured the two router as following but yet didn't work.

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If you are a user of D- Link Wireless Router DSL 2750U and want to configure it's access point then connect the power adapter to an outlet that is RJ45 cable to computer and to WAN Port.

Turn on the router and navigate to the IP address by opening the web browser. Now navigate to layer 2 interface of advanced setup and add a new DSL ATM interface.

Again go to advanced setup and navigate WAN service and now add WAN service and point it to the DSL ATM service you have created. Now by using the username and password provided by your ISP you can successfully make configuration.

Basic Setup for D-Link DSL-2750u Access Point Configuration-

  1. Connect the power adapter to an outlet the RJ45 cable to a computer (Windows Mac or Linux) & a LAN port and the RJ11 cable to the WAN port and your splitter's ADSL out port.
  2. Turn on the router open a browser window and navigate to (default username and password are both "˜admin')
  3. Navigate to Advanced Setup > Layer2 Interface. Add a new DSL ATM interface (mine is shown below). Enter the VPI/VCI values given by your ISP. Unless you're sure of what you're doing do not edit the more advanced options. They ought to work in most cases.
  4. Next navigate to Advanced Setup > WAN Service. Add a new WAN service and point it to the DSL ATM service you've just created. At this point you'll need the username and password provided by your ISP. I copied most of the values I needed for steps 3 and 4 from the preconfigured modem (given by my ISP) that I was using earlier.


Dlink 2750u range extender

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