How To Configure Netgear Orbi Setup For Working With Google Assistant

Please let me know that how to configure Netgear Orbi setup for working with Google assistant. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Configure Netgear Orbi Setup For Working With Google Assistant:

Everyone can configure NetGear Orbi Setup for working with Google Assistant to continue enjoying seamless internet by following some simple steps. In this context, you would get amazed to know that in a normal scenario there are two different ways by which you can configure NetGear Orbi Setup for working with Google Assistant.

The first one basically entails commanding Google by saying that “OK, Google talk to NetGear” while the second method is all about having a NetGear Genie App installed by virtue of a remotely accessible account. So, let’s get into the details of both these methods enshrined in this unique user guide.

Here are Some Pre-Requisites Before You can Switch to Configuring Your Orbi with Google.

Step 1: Make sure that your Orbi router is updated. To get this done you must download the executable file and must save a copy of Orbi Setup. Further, you can go through the Orbi support page to complete the process of updating the Orbi firmware.

Step 2: Also download and launch the NetGear Genie application.

Step 3: Open a NetGear account by filling in the details in the prescribed form.

Step 4: Try and access the Genie Utility using the following process for establishing remote access.

  • Start the internet connection.
  • Access the Genie Utility.
  • Type in the Admin button followed by clicking on the Login button.
  • Go on to click on Remote Access.
  • Click the Slide button towards the right to facilitate remote access.

Step 5: Register the Orbi Setup by following the process mentioned hereunder.

  • Launch the internet connection.
  • Open the Genie Utility.
  • Punch in the login details and click the Login button.
  • Navigate to find “Register Product” and click on it.
  • Follow the subsequent steps that result in the form of opening of a new window and clicking on the Register option to get your Orbi device registered.

Once you are over with accomplishing the above pre-requisites simply adhere to either of the steps to configure NetGear Orbi Setup for working with Google Assistant.

Setting Up NetGear Orbi to work with Google Assistant

Step 1: Launch the Google Assistant Application on any of your mobile devices.

Step 2: Search the NetGear after clicking on the Search icon.

Step 3: A comprehensive list of NetGear's possible results will get opened.

Step 4: To get redirected to the NetGear web page simply click on the NetGear Login.

Step 5: Type in all the relevant credentials in the adequate fields.

Step 6: Click the Accept button to agree to the terms and conditions which will have the consequence of linking the NetGear account with the Google Assistant.     

Giving Commands to Google Assistant

Here is a complete list of all those commands that can be given to operate NetGear Orbi with the Google Assistant.

  1. Ok Google, turn the guest Network ON.
  2. Ok Google, what is the password for guest Network?
  3. Ok Google, turn the guest network OFF.
  4. Ok Google, what are the Wi-Fi settings?
  5. Ok Google, turn the guest network OFF.
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  •   October 1, 2023