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How to Fix Netgear Wireless Adapter Wont Connect To Internet?

Please let me know Netgear wireless adapter Won’t connect to internet. I have no idea how to fix it. Help me.

Netgear Wireless Adapter Won’t Connect To the Internet:

When you try to be on the internet to exchange some official files or get connected with people either, the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to internet” issue can certainly annoy you a bit and you would quickly like to find a fix for the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to internet” issue.

There could be a number of reasons for the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” issue ranging from a dysfunctional USB slot to a faulty router which can be easily fixed by following a few simple troubleshooting steps.

Friends, I also had to witness the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” issue when I was trying to send some official files over the internet which I got perfectly fixed by inserting my Netgear wireless adapter into a different USB slot.

In due course of fixing the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” I came across multiple ways of fixing the same which I would like to discuss here by presenting the same in the form of this quick user guide. So, peruse the possible reasons along with a host of reliable fixes for the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” issue as enshrined in this quick user guide.

Method 1 - Switching to a New USB Slot

It has been persistently observed that getting connected to a single USB slot may cause the USB port to develop some kind of malfunction which may consequently pave way for the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” issue.

To deal with such a situation it is advised to eject your Netgear adapter from such a dysfunctional USB slot and insert it again into a different USB slot. You should also not forget that you may be prompted to expedite the Netgear adapter recognition criteria which you should allow to take effect in connection to bringing your internet connection on-stream.

Method 2 - Looking to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

Until and unless you have a seamless internet connection your Netgear adapter may not allow you to enjoy working on the internet because it won’t get paired up with your computer going forward.

In such a situation you should first ascertain whether your internet connection is really faulty by using another Wi-Fi adapter in place of the earlier one. If after using another Wi-Fi also the adapter pairing issue surfaces and you are not able to access the internet then you should resort to trying the following two things going forward pertaining to troubleshooting your internet connection.

1 - Executing a Power Cycle for Your Router

Step 1 - Simply switch off your router and remove the Power Adapter by unplugging all the cables.

Step 2 - Just wait for a few minutes. 

Step 3 - Plug back the cables of your Power Adapter and switch on your router.

2 - Trying to Reset your Router


You should easily be able to locate the aperture at the back of your router within which you will see a “Reset” button. You just have to press this “Reset” button for a while which may revert back your router to the factory settings.

Please take note of the fact that it may take as much as 15 minutes to reset your router, so in such a time interval you should be patiently waiting for the router reset to take effect and you must then continue testing your router with the objective of accessing the internet going forward.

Method 3 - Check for the Drivers of your Netgear Adapter


The drivers happen to be an integral part of any hardware as it facilitates the functioning of the hardware in an appropriate way. The same applies here in the case of using the Netgear adapter as well which makes a strong case in favor of the fact that you should be readily checking the functionality of the Netgear driver.

If you find that your Netgear adapter requires some quick and reliable updates then you should be quickly resorting to updating the Netgear adapters to fix the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” issue.

In this context, you must adhere to the steps enunciated below.

Step 1 - Try to access the official homepage of Netgear.

Step 2 - Search for the latest drivers or software related to your specific Netgear Adapter model.

Step 3 - Continue downloading the same followed by a quick installation of your Netgear adapter driver.

Step 4 - Then restart your computer and try accessing the internet. 

Method 4 - Opting to Run the Windows Network Wizard

Executing the Network Troubleshooter available in the form of the Windows Network Wizard is also the feasible solution for fixing the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet”.

For this to materialize, you just have to perform the following interconnected steps.  

Step 1 - You must enter the “Control Panel” by searching its icon from the Main Menu. 

Step 2 - Now continue by selecting the “Network and Internet” tab.

Step 3 - Thereafter, you must click on “Network and Sharing” followed by clicking on the “Identify and Repair Network Problems” button.

As a result of the above steps, the Windows Network Wizard will either tell you that there is no problem with the adapter as nothing serious found by the Windows Network Wizard or it will start reflecting a message that there are no inputs for your adapter apparently.

If the latter happens then you must consider your Netgear adapter faulty and must replace it with a new one going forward. 

Method 5 - Try Setting up a New Wireless Internet Connection

If nothing seems to have worked so far as regards fixing the “Netgear wireless adapter won’t connect to the internet” issue then you must delete the existing connection and must set up and activate a new wireless connection after saving all that you consider necessary and important.

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How to Fix Netgear Wireless Adapter Wont Connect To Internet

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