How to Fix Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Code Issue

Please let me know how to fix Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code issue. I have no idea about this error. If anyone knows then help me.
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The Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Issue can be pretty frustrating. It occurs when the Orbi app unit is offline. It can happen by mistake also as sometimes when you are online it still shows 

Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error because the app thinks you are offline. Since this error does not originate from your end, it's quite simple to troubleshoot this issue.

You just have to shake your phone, click on the "report bug" option and give your feedback. Some other things you can do to fix the Error code are performing a reboot, updating the firmware of your router, and performing a factory reset on your router.

How to Fix Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Issue?

To troubleshoot the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Issue you have to do the following things -

Try Tebooting Your Router

A simple reboot can do wonders sometimes. Perform a reboot on your router and then try to access the Orbi app again. If the error is still not fixed then you can go for other methods.

Try Updating The Firmware

Using updated firmware can fix a lot of your error issues. You have to regularly check the Orbi app or web Admin interface for updates. Using outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues and affect the overall performance of the device.

Try Performing a Factory Reset

Sometimes the issue can be deep and require a factory reset. So, you should consider performing a factory reset. It will set the settings of the router to its factory default settings.

You can set up the network connection again and check whether the error is fixed or not.

Try Uninstalling The Orbi App

You can also try to uninstall the Orbi app and reinstall it again after a few minutes. And logging into the orbit web interface.

Try Reporting The Bug

In case you are lost and do not know what to do to fix the error issue then open the Orbi app and report the bug. The developer will be able to detect the issue and try to fix it.

Try to Get Professional Help

At last when nothing works and you are not able to find the reason behind the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error then you should consider contacting the customer support team for further guidance and assistance.

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