How to Hook up a NETGEAR AC1750 Router

Hello, Please tell me about how to hook up a Netgear ac1750 router. I have bought this Netgear router and now i am facing hook up issue. Please give me proper solution.

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Netgear AC1750 Router Setup:

So, if you are looking forward to knowing how you can setup Netgear ac1750 router, then this article is what you need to read. This new product has emerged into the digital world and has been playing a very important role in improving the productivity of the internet.

This device is used more often when you have to connect several devices to the internet. So, here are some of the steps that you need to follow to know how to setup Netgear ac1750 router?

Steps to Setup Netgear AC1750 Router:

Step 1: Firstly, disconnect your modem from the power source. In case there is a battery setup, then you must take out the battery, so that you don’t face any kind of issue at the time of setup.

Step 2: Place the battery in the modem and connect the devices with one another.

Step 3: For connecting with the modem, use an ethernet wire and link it to the WAN port of Netgear AC 1750 router.

Step 4: Take another ethernet wire and connect your computer system to the Netgear AC 1750 router.

Step 5: Now to hook up a Netgear ac1750 router, connect it to the power source and then turn on the modem.

Step 6: Turn on the router by pressing the power button. After that, turn on your computer system.

Step 7: Carefully look at the LED lights of your router and when the lights turn solid green, then you can move forward.

Step 8: Open the internet browser on your personal computer.

Step 9: Now, to setup Netgear ac1750 router, enter in the address bar of the web browser. You can also open up the login page by entering IP address.

Step 10: Enter the default username and password in small letters.

Step 11: Click on login.

Step 12: After this, the setup wizard will show up.

Netgear Ac1750 Setup Homepage:

Now that you have access to the Netgear setup, it is easy for you to make changes in the features.

  • Select setup wizard, then yes, next and then finally apply. This setting will allow your router to detect the internet connection automatically.
  • For connecting the Wi-Fi device, press the button of WPS on your router and keep on pressing it for the next few seconds and when the LED starts blinking you will be able to connect the router.
  • For changing the wireless password, you first need to click on wireless, then go to wireless settings. After that, change the username or SSID name. Now, change the password and apply these changes.
  • For changing the Netgear password, you first need to go to maintenance, then set password, enter the old password and then finally enter the new password. Then, you will have to enter the new password again. Select the checkbox and recover the password. Now, apply these changes.
  • For updating the firmware. Go to maintenance and then select firmware update. After that, check and then go to Next and finally save these settings.

So, this is the main setting. Nevertheless, the setup page of Netgear will enable you to make changes for the router’s maintenance. You need to remember that in order to make these changes applicable, you must save the settings. So, mentioned above were some of the steps to setup Netgear Ac1750 router.

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