How to Setup Netgear EX2800 WiFi Extender

Is there anyone who knows about how to setup Netgear ex2800 wifi extender. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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Setup Netgear EX2800 WiFi Extender:

The Netgear ex2800 wifi extender boosts your network to a band of 750mbps. The extender can work with any network and can be setup by following a few quick steps. Once done, it’s bound to give you a solid network range. 

The extender has LED indicators for various purposes and even helps you find the correct range for your wifi extender. Just like other extenders, there are two easy ways to netgear ex2800 setup Wifi Extender. One is the manual method and the other is the WPS method.

Follow any of these to get your extender up and running. 

1. Using Manual Method for Setup Netgear EX2800 Extender:

To Setup Netgear ex2800 wifi Extender you can make use of the manual method and get going within a few minutes. 

Step 1: Place your Netgear wifi extender in the close vicinity of your wifi router. You can change its place after the extender is setup. 

Step 2: Plug in the extender’s adapter and switch it on. 

Step 3: Get an ethernet cable and connect it to your Netgear wifi extender and your router. 

Step 4: Turn on your computer or laptop and run any suitable web browser. 

Step 5: In the search, window type and hit enter. 

Step 6: login window will appear. Input the details as asked in the prompt. You can find these details on your router’s label as well. 

Step 7: The Netgear genie setup will run you through various steps and get your extender setup. Follow all the prompts properly and you will be able to Setup Netgear ex2800 Wifi Extender. 

Step 8: With this, you can now unplug your extender and put it up anywhere in the house. 

2. Using WPS for Netgear EX2800 Extender Setup:

Another method to Setup Netgear ex2800 wifi Extender is the WPS method. It’s quick, easy, and safe. 

Step 1: Switch on your Netgear wifi extender and press the WPS button. 

Step 2: After this, push the WPS button of your router. 

Step 3: Allow the LED of your Netgear extender to turn on. 

Step 4: Once all the LED lights are green and still, it means your Netgear ex2800 wifi Extender has been setup and is ready to use. 

These are the two major ways which you can surely try on your own. It isn’t rocket science and just careful progression of the step can make it easier for you to Setup Netgear ex2800 wifi Extender.

Often the long ranges between the wifi and the device cause the network to fail to reach longer distances. If it's your office space or your home, network issues can occur out of nowhere.

And in case you haven’t been able to access a good range of networks for a really long time, then surely it’s time that you plug in an extender to increase your wifi network range. There are many wifi extenders available online and you can see which suits your needs. 

Make sure you check the range the router provides and if you want to cover a larger area, it’s wise to get the one with two antennae. 

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