How to Troubleshoot Netgear That Won't Connect

Hello, Please let me know that how to troubleshoot NETGEAR that won't connect. I am facing some issue while using Netgear router.Help me.

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Netgear Router Troubleshooting :

Are you using a Netgear router? Well, if you brought a Netgear router, then you have made a perfect choice for home and business applications. Though Netgear routers offer you the best design and performance, the apps you use to interact might not be helpful to assist in dealing with Netgear issues.

Commonly every user has to face some design issues once in a while. Some of you might look to troubleshoot Netgear router that won't connect to a specific network. Address such issues immediately from the start before you get hassled further with its working. Don't know from where to start? Here are some quick Netgear router troubleshooting tips.

Steps to Troubleshoot Netgear Router That Won't Connect to a Network Device:

Step 1: Issues commonly occur with the wireless networking feature of Netgear routers. The Netgear routers that are not immune to such common problems need nothing more than a few configuration settings. Such routers mostly don't connect to the other wireless devices. In such scenarios, there is a need to eliminate problems caused by various signal interference.

To troubleshoot Netgear router that won't connect with a network device, you have to tweak the router settings so as to create a reliable connection for any wireless device. Since the Netgear wireless router can be connected wirelessly, you have to configure the settings of the wireless router using a standard Ethernet cable.

Note: To troubleshoot Netgear router that won't connect, Netgear has its admin interface accessed at web app. So, you just need to open any web browser on system or device while connected to the network your router is broadcasting.

Step 2: Remove any sort of interfering objects that are causing a signal disturbance between the router and wireless-enabled computer or device. Most of the household objects disrupt the wireless signal, some electronic devices such as cordless phones.

This is because the cordless phones usually function at a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz. This is the same frequency used by the Netgear wireless router. So, temporarily disconnect any connected cordless phones to eliminate out any signal interference. Moreover, make sure that there are no large or solid metal objects such as refrigerators placed within 5 feet of the router position.

Step 3: Use an ethernet cable to connect one end into the router and the other end into the computer's Ethernet port. Next, open any installed browser on your system and enter the local IP address of the router in the address bar of the browser.

Now, next, you have to log in to the router settings menu of the Netgear wireless router. Enter the default admin name and password to enter into the web interface. Usually, the factory settings of the router are set, the login name as "admin" and password "password". The default local IP address of the Netgear router is ""

Note: If these credentials don't work then check the router manual that came along with the device, or check if it's printed on a label somewhere on the hardware itself.

Step 4: Now, open the tab labeled as "wireless" in the main settings of the router. Select the "Enable SSID broadcast" option and enter the name for the wireless broadcast network. Under the "Wireless Security" tab, select the security mode option. Another security mode called WAP is also available that allows for shared passwords using letters and numbers.

You can create a strong password and click on the "Save" button to save the modified settings. Next, quickly exit the browser and disconnect the Ethernet cable connected to the device or system. You can now check whether the steps to troubleshoot Netgear router work or not. On a wireless-enabled computer, try connecting the Netgear wireless network with the name that was just created through admin UI. Simply open up a website to test the Internet connection.

How to Hard Reset Netgear Wireless Router?

If the above method of soft reset doesn't work, then try another way for your router which is referred to as Hard Reset. Press and hold the reset key at the backside of your router. Hold the reset key continuously for 20 -30 seconds until all the light starts blinking together.

Hope this guide to Netgear wireless router troubleshooting that won't connect to a network is useful.

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