Why Wont My NETGEAR RangeMax N150 Wireless Router Work

I bought a netgear rangemax n150 wireless router and after i set it up, it wouldn't let me connect wirelessly from another computer. it shows that is connected but it doesn't go online. whats the problem?

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To set-up Netgear router, just follow these steps -

1. Open a web browser and type "" in the address bar. Press Enter key to enter into Netgear Router setup wizard by attempting to access the Internet.

 Now you have to enter Username and Password.

2. Type "admin" in the Username field box and "Password" in the Password field box. Wait for a while and you will be prompted to start the wizard. Click on Yes and then Next.

3. When prompted, just choose your country from the drop-down box.

4. Click Next.

5. The Netgear will now detect the settings required. 

6. You’ll be prompted for your ISP User Name and Password. You should enter the correct username and password in your Broadband Connection details.
The password will be a mixture of letters and numbers and is case-sensitive, so should be entered exactly as it appears in your Technical Details. 

7. Click on Save button and the Netgear router will save the details you have entered.

8. The following screen will appear, confirming the setup is complete and displaying the wireless details for your Netgear router. Keep this information safe because it can be needed in future for connecting devices to the Netgear router via Wi-Fi. Just take note of these details then click Take me to the Internet

You’ll see a page confirming the Netgear router is set up; you can now start using the Internet.

If you have any query then call at Netgear Router Technical Support Number and ask for resolution.

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